Collection: LimbCoat

Proudly South African manufactured cast or dressing protector – LimbCoat, a waterproof cover to keep casts and dressings dry when showering, bathing or swimming. 
LimbCoat offers a concise range of waterproof protectors (arm, leg & foot) at affordable prices.

LimbCoat – a waterproof cover to keep bandages, casts & dressings dry when showering, bathing or swimming.

If a cast becomes wet it will not re-set and the patient will need to return to the hospital to have the cast replaced. 
If a bandage or dressing becomes wet the patient will need to return to their practitioner to have the wound redressed as infection may set in.​

Anyone who has tried to shower or bathe wearing a cast will know how awkward and inconvenient it is. Many patients often attempt to cover their bandage, cast or dressing with a plastic shopping/bin bag or glad wrap which doesn’t work!!!

Patients, practitioners and hospital staff can avoid the additional cost of this, the inconvenience and extra time required to replace a damaged cast or dressing by using


  • Unique Material Seam 
    Guarantees no leakage along the seam
  • Non Restrictive Adjustable Seal 
    A soft easy to work with seal material (hole where injured limb is inserted) allows for excess air to be easily released, so that a watertight seal will be achieved allowing the product to fit snugly on the injured limb
  • Easy to apply and remove 
    The soft non restrictive seal material (hole where injured limb is inserted), along with the lightweight & soft material of LimbCoat allows for easy application and removal
  • Comfortable 
    It is easy to move when LimbCoat is worn as the material is light-weight and soft, allowing the product to imitate a “second skin” around the injured limb once all the excess air is released
  • Durable 
    Anticipated three month period of use from date of purchase. However LimbCoat can last longer if the instructions of care are adhered to
  • Hypo Allergenic 
    All Limbcoat materials are latex free, therefore no allergic reactions should be experienced by the users of this product
  • Fully Submersible 
    LimbCoat is fully submersible making it suitable for gentle swimming in a swimming pool or the sea
  • Wear Time 
    Due to the snug fit that LimbCoat achieves, it is suggested that the LimbCoat only be worn for 12 to 15min per session as trapped air becomes warm. However by releasing the warm air and checking the seal, one can wear LimbCoat for much longer, especially when taking a relaxing bath or swim
  • Concise Range 
    LimbCoat is available in adult, child and toddler ranges for legs and arms. Other LimbCoats available: Picc Line, Isolated Wound Protector and Stump Protector