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What is WISE?
Wound Care, Incontinence, Stoma, Etcetera

LimbCoat - a waterproof cover to keep bandages, casts & dressings dry when showering, bathing or swimming.

LimbCoat allows patients to shower and bathe as they normally would. LimbCoat can also be used for gentle swimming in a pool or at the beach, as long as the seal is fitted snuggly around a muscular / fatty part of one’s limb above the cast or dressing, so as to ensure a watertight seal. 

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Customer Testimonials

I purchased an Absorin Washable Underpad for my 87-year-old mom who has dementia and its been a game changer.

Not only have we managed to eliminate soiling the mattress, but it gives us peace of mind that she is not subjected to a damp patch during the duration of her sleep.

The Absorin Washable Underpad is easy to fit and clean and does in no way affect the comfort of the bed.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Absorin Washable Underpad to anyone who is looking for a way to deal with incontinence.
- Hans S